Roll Length


Roll Length Calculator Creative Global Services (CGS) is a leading adhesive tape and films solutions provider. We develop products that support varied industries such as aerospace, power, automobiles, oil, electronics, and other fields. These materials, such as pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, films, cloths, foils, are frequently supplied in jumbo or master logs. CGS doesn’t just supply…

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iso 9001 2015


ISO 9001:2015 We are happy to announce that after a considerable amount effort from our dedicated staffs, CGS has obtained our new ISO Certification. With this 9001:2015 certification, we’re even better equipped to continuously provide you with the highest quality tapes and films all over the world.   For those unfamiliar, ISO 9001 is a…

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3D printing


What is Kapton polyimide tape? Kapton is a polyimide film made by DuPont in the 1960s. It has been used successfully in applications at temperatures as low as -269°C (-452°F) and as high as 400°C (752°F). Today, Kapton polyimide tape is adopted in a wide range of applications, including 3D printing. So today we are…

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COVID-19 We are continuously monitoring the latest developments around COVID-19 and implementing actions in accordance with government guidelines to protect the health and safety of our employees and associates. We have implemented “work from home” policies for many employees, as well as increased cleaning and social distancing in our plants. These practices assure we keep…

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CGS CWIEME 2020 CWIEME 2020 Messe Berlin on May 26-28. CGS is no stranger to the CWIEME series, however this will be our first time exhibiting in Berlin. This show is vital to our growth in new customers and in nurturing the relationships with our current customers. We plan to show off our capabilities in…

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Tape Terms


These common adhesive tape terms provides users a helpful reference to the various tape related phrases and names used throughout this website and the overall adhesive tape industry. A Abrasion Resistance – The ability of a tape to withstand rubbing and still function satisfactorily. Adhesion – A bond produced between a pressure sensitive adhesive and a…

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We Are Moving We are excited to announce that as of July 28th, we will be moving to our new state of the art facility at 1119 Ringwell Drive, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada L3Y8T8. The new building will provide a dedicated laboratory, larger production capability, and expanded warehouse space. Improving our production, product innovation, and support…

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