Laminating tape


Lamination is the process of manufacturing multiple layer materials joined by using adhesives. CGS has multiple laminating machines to perform laminating services for a variety of film and adhesive tapes.

The finished product gains improved strength, appearance or other properties. These material can then be further converted for ease of use, by die cuttingslitting or sheeting.


Many CGS products requires the laminating of two or more materials. For example, laminating adhesives to film to create adhesive tape. We can also laminate multiple layers together creating a thicker version of the same material. For example, our 20 mil Kapton film, that is used to replace Cirlex.



  • Max width of 24″
  • Single layer and multi layer lamination

For more information,feel free to check out this page on wikipedia.

3M tape laminating


CGS also provides zoned lamination services. It is a special technique that creates a partially adhesive covered tape. This is achieved by laminating pre-cut adhesives onto the substrate. Alternatively it can also be done by pulling away the unwanted adhesive from the finished part. The precise zone of adhesive allows for secure bonding while the uncoated zone prevents any adhesive contacts.



  • Max width of 24″
  • Single layer and multi layer lamination
zone lamination1


  • Ability to combine different material properties, thus increasing material options.
  • Increased material options, like strength and appearance.
  • Offer different thickness of materials instead of the standard products.
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Laminating is ideal for a variety of materials because of its flexibility, including:


Many industries benefit from the use of laminated materials, because it saves time and money. For example:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Specialty industries
  • Manufacturing
  • HVAC
  • Packaging
  • Aerospace